Our Team

Edgewater’s team is made up of operating and finance professionals who each have a distinguished track record prior to joining Edgewater. Most of our Partners each have been CEO of public and/or private companies, many of them similar to the companies in our portfolio. We believe that the perspective our team brings enables us to be effective partners with our portfolio company leaders.

Our investment professionals bring sophisticated financial skills while never forgetting that it is the quality of company management and operations that determines success. Our entire partnership and professional staff work as a team in all aspects of investment sourcing, funding and portfolio company growth.

Edgewater’s Executive Advisory Board includes nationally prominent business and financial leaders. These individuals help to support Edgewater’s operating initiatives by providing guidance and high-level introductions for the benefit of our portfolio companies. None of the Executive Advisory Board members is an employee of Edgewater.

PartnersInvestment ProfessionalsFinanceExecutive Advisory Board
James Gordon, Founder & Managing Partner
Gregory Jones, Partner
David Tolmie, Partner
Jeffrey Frient, Partner
Brian Peiser, Partner
Gerald Saltarelli, Partner
Stephen Natali, Partner
Scott Meadow, Associate Partner
John Malloy, Principal
Scott Brown, Principal
Dan Skowronski, Senior Associate
Leslie Kwang, Senior Associate
Ryan Murphy, Associate
Matt Norris, CFO and CCO
Nadia Evstiounina, Controller

Bill Beirne, Senior Financial Accountant
Patrick Peltz, Senior Financial Accountant
Itzel Roman, Financial Accountant
Andrew J. McKenna, Chairman of the Board
Craig Duchossois, Board Member
W. James Farrell, Board Member
Ronald J. Gidwitz, Board Member
Robert J. Hurst, Board Member
Michael H. Moskow, Board Member
Richard “Dick” Notebaert, Board Member
J. Christopher Reyes, Board Member
Louis B. Susman, Board Member
General Peter Pace, Board Member