CHICAGO – Edgewater Growth Capital Partners II has recently completed the acquisition of PGI International. PGI designs, manufactures and distributes instrumentation and engineered products for the energy and agricultural industries worldwide.

The company has manufacturing operations in Houston; Queretaro, Mexico; and Changzhou, China. Management and the company’s previous controlling shareholders partnered with Edgewater in the transaction and have retained significant ownership in PGI.

Edgewater believes PGI represents an opportunity to invest in the growth of the global energy industry. As countries such as China and India continue to develop, demand for oil and gas around the world will continue to increase. This will drive the growth of energy industry suppliers such as PGI.

Through acquisitions and the growth of the company’s low-cost country manufacturing capabilities, Edgewater believes PGI can become a leading provider of engineered products to the global energy industry.