Edgewater Growth Capital Partners is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of LMK Technologies, LLC, (“LMK”). LMK is the recognized industry leader in Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) solutions for trenchless repair and rehabilitation of underground water and sewer pipes. LMK has been awarded over 90 U.S. and global patents for its products and processes. The Company supplies its technology, products and equipment directly to customers and through licensed contractors throughout the U.S. and in a growing number of international markets.

Leaks from broken and deteriorated pipes are the leading causes of inflow and infiltration of potable and waste water to storm and sanitary sewer systems, causing numerous problems including ground water pollution. The CIPP market is growing rapidly due to: i) accelerated aging and deterioration of in ground piping infrastructure, ii) increasing regulatory enforcement around ground water pollution and iii) rising awareness of the benefits of this trenchless technology as an economically superior method compared to traditional dig and replace.

The LMK investment is being led by Mike Reardon, as the CEO of Triwater Holdings, Edgewater’s portfolio company focused on water treatment products and services. Previously Mike was President of Culligan and COO of U.S. Filter, a diversified water services company that completed over 200 acquisitions and was sold for over $8 billion.