Edgewater Growth Capital Partners III, L.P. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Amptek, Inc. (“Amptek” or the “Company”). Amptek designs and manufacturers instrumentation used to identify composition of materials using x-ray fluorescence (“XRF”). Amptek was founded in 1977 and has grown to be the largest manufacturer of x-ray detectors using the XRF methodology. Amptek’s products are sold to OEM’s that manufacture non-destructive testing devises to measure elemental composition in metal production, pharmaceutical products, electronics, environmental samples and to meet various regulatory requirements. Amptek serves customers on a global basis in North America, Europe and Asia. Amptek is the second company acquired under Edgewater’s portfolio company Sensor Solutions Holdings LLC which has been formed in partnership with our affiliate Bolder Capital, LLC.

Sensor Solutions Holdings was formed in 2010 to execute a build-up strategy in the fast growing, highly fragmented $48 billion global sensors market. The build-up focuses on two industry verticals, non-destructive testing and environmental sensors, that benefit from increased regulatory requirements, innovative product offerings and growing demand for productivity enhancing instruments.