Edgewater Growth Capital Partners is pleased to announce the recent sale of our portfolio company G&H Wire Company, Inc. (“G&H”). G&H is a manufacturer of orthodontic archwires and a distributor of other orthodontic products. Edgewater acquired G&H in December 2006 and helped management grow the company’s earnings substantially during the investment period. The sale of G&H earned a return in excess of 8 times our invested capital.

G&H is the sixth realization from Edgewater Growth Capital Partners II. Most of this Fund’s investments were made in the 2007 time period which was a period of high purchase multiples and aggressive use of debt for much of the private equity industry. However, by adhering to our investment strategy of low purchase prices, focusing on profitable growth and conservative use of debt, Edgewater has been able to achieve attractive returns on investments made at the peak of the market.